In addition to our post in this link, our VCF 4.5.0 SDDC Manager started mentioning something is out of the ordinary with DNS Configuration for our NSX-T Manager(s):
“DNS servers may not be uniform for all NSX-T managers. Verify using the steps from NSX-T admin guide and reconfigure.”
VMware released KB89822, which shows the symptoms, cause and resolution to tell you these messages can be ignored safely.
However, please confirm the symptoms before ignoring, and make sure the symptoms are not visible in  your environment.
For this you can login using SSH to the IP address of the NSX-T (3.x) Manager node(s) using the admin, and run the following commands here:
  • nsxt01-1> get name-servers
    • Output
      Thu Jun 08 2023 CEST 10:51:09.363
  • nsxt01-1> get ntp-servers
    • Output
      Thu Jun 08 2023 CEST 10:51:13.790
If the values are not according your environment, please add or remove the incorrect DNS or NTP servers using commands:
  • nsxt01-1> del name-server [ip address]
  • nsxt01-1> set name-server [ip address]
  • nsxt01-1> del ntp-server
  • nsxt01-1> set ntp-server [ip address]

Do this for each NSX-T Manager node