Putty Configuration

After backup, the NSX-T Management (SSH) service has failed.

According to VMware Support, this can be due to the NSX-T backup that seems to disable the NSX-T Management Service after the backup job starts.

This is supposed to be resolved with the next release of NSX-T, currently version (from VCF 4.5.0).

However, VMware advised us to run the following script.

Symptom: cannot login with SSH. This is confirmed from the console, where you login with the admin credentials:

  • get service ssh > stopped
  • start service ssh

Apparently this occurs after the backup, as configured in the NSX-T backup configuration (NSX-T Manager UI and navigate to System > Lifecycle Management > Backup & Restore).

Therefore, login to the NSX-T primary node with admin credentials and run

You can make a cron job with above API to enable SSH every day after it gets disabled at 2:00 AM CET time.

Example cronjob details (from crontab -l).

Happy SSH-ing!