PhotonOS 3.0 boot menu

Have you locked your root account in your Linux / PhotonOS system, or need to reset the password?

You can find your solution here.

You can easily use GRUB to unlock and reset your root account, based on KB76530.

  • Restart your vCenter Server Appliance, your vROps, vRLI or vRA Appliance and wait for the Photon OS Splash screen during boot.
  • Enter ‘e’ to go to GNU GRUB boot menu editor
  • Add the below string behind the line that starts with linux: init=/bin/bash
  • F10 to boot the changed Entry.
  • Mount the / partition as RW with mount -o rw,remount / and reset the root password with the passwd command

(Optional) Validate the root account is not locked out and unlock if necessary:

  • To check status of root account: pam_tally2 -u root
    • If locked run: pam_tally2 -u root –reset

Unmount en reboot

  • umount /
  • Reboot the appliance with the reboot -f command